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Chapter 1: 2081

Hello! Hi! Hey! Hola!

My name is Hassan M. Lloyd.

That might be an odd mix of names for you, but it ain't for me. I come from a Christian dad (Lloyd, you see) and a Muslim mom. Unfortunately, my dad passed away, back when I was 11 (sadly, I freaking remember every detail of that day...). More on that later. But, thank god my mom's still alive. Alright....... let me tell you an interesting fact. I can't physically speak. Most people treat me like a piece of sh*t and I am used to it. So if you are one of them and wish not to waste your valuable time reading a book about a "dumb" kid (GOD! How in the world can two words like that be connected?????!!!!), flip the cover shut and give it back to wherever you got it from or (if you are reading it online) close the tab immediately. But, to be honest, I hope you won't. OK, so I am 15 years old and I live in NYC. I am not good at math or science or anything academic and spend my time on delivering stuff to different plac…

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